English Language Lab

English Language Lab

The RPSGOS has a mission that every child coming to us is precious & molding their language & character is our prime duty. This wide task is accomplished by teachers, smart boards, practical labs, and computers. Along with this enhancing the skill & power of language is done by language labs, especially ‘English Labs’


Here are some of the ways language labs can aid the learning process:


  • They give shy and self-conscious students a chance to practice their English in privacy.

  • Students are more likely to pay attention when working with a program that’s communicating directly to them.

  • The learning content can be adjusted to suit each student’s individual needs.

  • Students’ listening and speaking skills can be tested more efficiently.

  • Labs also help teachers to refine

  • Phonetic, intonation and pronunciation lessons, Easy customization of lessons and levels by instructor/Admin.

  • RPSD has a fully loaded, technically smart English Lab equipped with more than 40 computers to enjoy integrated e-Learning.

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